Advanced Sports Trading Strategies

For sports traders, private investors
and betting syndicates.

What We Do


Sports Intelligence

Gambalyst provides algorithmic sports betting intelligence for sports traders, private investors and betting syndicates, allowing them to maximise their ROI without the need to buy data or hire analysts.

advanced analytics

Advanced Analytics

The intelligence is managed by our world class quantitative analytics platform which ingests and mashes up live sport market data from multiple sources as well as hosting the Gambalyst algorithms.


Mathematical Modelling

The brains of our sports analytics platform are its algorithms which are developed by world class research institutions, top data scientists, quantitative analysts and professors in the fields of probability theory, machine learning and information retrieval.

Our Clients

Gambalyst is a reliable partner

“Gambalyst understood our unique hedge fund requirements and delivered a robust model that performed as sold. Gambalyst are reliable, realistic in the promised delivery period and on-time. We intend to keep working with Gambalyst on additional projects.”

Brett Prager - General Partner at DFW Capital Partners

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